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Matthew Schnepf established his design studio in 2007 after nearly 15 years of work and study in architecture and design. The studio was envisioned to unify various disciplines and interests under one roof and, as such, offers a broad range of design and consulting services in architecture, interiors, furniture, and graphics. Matthew has forged relationships with a talented network of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, artisans, fabricators, and contractors of all stripes. In this regard, the studio is uniquely agile and efficient and can adapt to a wide range of projects.

Following Matthew's meticulous nature, every aspect of a project is developed with astute attention to detail: proportion and flow of space, subtlety of material, color, and finish, and rigorous execution of design details are all carefully considered and managed against the overall schedule and budget. As principal of a boutique design studio, Matthew is personally involved in all phases of design and works closely with each client to ensure a thoughtful, personal project.

Matthew is a member of The American Institute of Architects, AIA New York Chapter, and The Architectural League of New York. He is also a partner at Bluprint, a New York based technology and design firm, where he applies his architectural experience to software, and vice versa.



Matthew Schnepf Architect
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